About Us

About Us

Company Name
TAKASAGO Corporation
October 1950 *Founded in May 1916
15 million JPY
President and Representative Director
Noriyasu Yoshida
Number of employees
49 (including 17 full-time employees)
Location of Head Office
2-2-3 Chuo, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 132-0021, Japan
Phone: +81-3-3652-5136 FAX: +81-3-3652-5139
Web site
Main bank
- Komatsugawa Branch of Mizuho Bank
- Komatsugawa Branch of Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank
Advisor tax accountant
Kodato Tax Accountant Office
Corporate Memberships
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Business Purpose
- Planning, manufacturing and sales of cleaning tools
- Planning, manufacturing and sales of cosmetics products
Business Items
Garden brooms, Zashiki brooms, Mops, Floor brushes, Car washing brushes
Dust cloths, Daily cleaning tools, Commercial cleaning tools, and miscellaneous goods
*as of August 1, 2021

Helping People Live
Clean and Prosperous Lives.

  • We help people live clean and prosperous lives through product development.
  • We maintain high quality and create products that satisfy and resonate with customers.
  • We aim for the happiness of our employees, the satisfaction of our customers, and the prosperity of our business partners.
TAKASAGO was founded in May 1916 as a manufacturer of garden brooms and “Tawashi” (scrubbing brushes). Since then, we have been engaged in unique planning and development for a number of daily cleaning tools including floor brushes, mops, and “Zashiki (Japanese style room) brooms”, and have grown steadily.

We have accumulated a great deal of know-how in accurately identifying user needs in daily life, together with the capabilities to reflect those needs in our planning and development. We are very proud of our know-how and high technological capabilities.

With “Helping People Live Clean and Prosperous lives” as our management philosophy, our planning capabilities, and our reliable technologies cultivated over many years of history, we can support people’s daily lives in harmony with society and the natural environment.

We will further improve our planning and development and technical capabilities to meet changing needs of the times and will make additional efforts to develop as an effective company that offers customer engagement and satisfaction.


May 1916
Shigeharu Horii opened 'Horii Shokai,' a manufacturer of garden brooms and Tawashi in Nagoya City
October 1950
Limited Partnership Yoshida Seisakusho renamed Nihon Shida Palm Industry co., Ltd.
October 1970
Newly established Gunma Plant in Annaka City, Gunma Prefecture
August 1987
Incorporated Sri Lanka joint plant
Closed Gunma Plant
Started mail-order business
New warehouse completed
Started a new business of high-performance brushes for food factories.
Inauguration of the fourth president (Noriyasu Yoshida)
Started new graduate recruitment
February 2013
Changed the company name to TAKASAGO CO., LTD.
November 2014
First introduction of large-scale equipment
100th Anniversary Appreciation Event
November 2017
Second introduction of large-scale equipment
December 2018
Third introduction of large-scale equipment

Origin of TAKASAGO brand

Our company name and trademark “TAKASAGO” were designed based on the tradition of TAKASAGO in 1912.

The name TAKASAGO originates from the song "Takasago" by Zeami, which is based on the “Legend of Takasago Jouuba.” The story of Takasago is about the prosperity of the country and its people, and it has been regarded as a symbol of longevity and marital harmony since ancient times as it contains blessings for world peace.

At that time, brooms were strongly recognized in Japan as an indispensable part of the home. Therefore, we decided on the name and trademark "TAKASAGO" as being most appropriate for brooms. "Contribute to national prosperity, love for humanity, health and longevity through the manufacture and sale of cleaning products." This is the pure thinking behind "TAKASAGO."
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  • Early Showa

  • Middle Showa

  • Late Showa

Map & Access

TAKASAGO Corporation

  • Address

    2-2-3 Chuo, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 132-0021, Japan

  • Access

    • 8 minutes’ walk from “Keiyo Kosaten” bus stop of Toei Bus (Nishiki 25/Shinko 21) after getting off at “Funabori Station” on the Toei Shinjuku Line
    • 6 minutes’ walk from “Edogawa Kuyakusho-mae” bus stop of Toei Bus (Shinko 21/Shinko 29) after getting off at “Shin-Koiwa Station” on the JR Sobu Line.